I Tried To Leave The World

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I hoped for it to end with simplicity and beauty
It ought to be a magical ending
Not a tragic occasion, but a joyous one.
As if a wild bird, caged for eternity
Had been released out into the graceful unknown
Attaining their true destiny
And escaping the doomed end awaiting them
Unbound and unchained
At peace at last

Though all I encountered was pain and complexity
And my suffering was certainly not mesmeric

Oh why must the world be so callous
Was this all just for your pleasure
Did the sound of my cries bring you joy
Did my hellish wails excite you
Did my signals of distress fulfil you

Your wicked laughs echoed through my mind
Terrorizing me while I fought to flee
And soon again, I became the wild bird
Though not the version I had hoped for

I was trapped once more
Encaged for eternity
As if I had been stripped of my wings
No longer at peace

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