The Battle With Substance Abuse

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Why do we self-destruct?

The highs are addicting, but the lows, not so much.

Running away from this feeling of numbness,

Just to chase highs, like planes in the sky,

Just to feel something.

Substances can give us this sense of high,

But don’t you know,

Every time you fly, you must land?

Why risk the reality if you will land smoothly, or even land at all?

Remember, substance abuse is only a temporary fix,

To the internal battles you are facing.

You might think you’ll win the battle with substances,

But you’ll always lose.

Drugs don’t love you.

Drugs don’t care about you.

Rather than trying to play the game with substance abuse,

Simply just don’t play.

You are stronger than you think.

Remember, you are loved.

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