To Anyone Struggling With An Eating Disorder, You’re Not Alone

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The world that we live in today, as much as we don’t think it impacts our body image, it does. At least for me.

Living with an eating disorder is difficult, because but when people think of an “eating disorder” they expect you to look a certain way; but eating disorders don’t have a physical identity. The stranger on the bus beside you could have one, or someone in your family could have one and sometimes, you wouldn’t even know.

When I went to my psychologist, he mentioned that some people develop eating disorders to feel a sense of control, because they can’t control their external world; and I can admit, maybe that’s true for me.

In my opinion, I do believe that eating disorders develop due to psychological circumstances, trauma, or the pressure social media puts on us to look a certain way.

For me, my eating disorder comes and goes. Some day’s I can eat full meals, other days I have a hard time eating.

What I’ve learned is that, I never knew how common people are struggling with eating disorders until I started opening up about mine. I started connecting with people, joining online communities and it was refreshing to feel understood and heard.

If you’re reading this, maybe you can relate to what I’m saying.

I know it’s hard.

I know it’s difficult to have triggers, scare foods, and safe foods.

I know your mind overpowers you, and sometimes you wish you could feel “normal.”

I’m writing this to say that you’re not alone.

I just want to remind anyone reading this that your worth is not determined by how much you weigh and what the scale tells you.

I’m writing this to let you know that you can get help if you are struggling, and you deserve to feel understood.

I’m writing this to let you know that your physical appearance does not determine your worth.

Moving forward, I hope you remember that you are not alone and this is a battle many of us are dealing with, but together, we can get better.

I believe in you.

Remember, you are stronger than you think.

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