Damaged in Darkness is a not-for-profit organization and socially innovative platform with the mission to find connection, embrace self-expression, and raise mental health awareness. We believe there is beauty on the other side of darkness, and by embracing vulnerability and discovering a sense of belonging, together, we can work towards for positive social change.

We provide a safe space for people to connect and heal through shared experiences, by giving voice to new forms of expression and providing self-help resources to our community.

With more than half of Canadians feeling lonely, isolated with among young adults reporting the most isolated, it is evident that loneliness is becoming one of the biggest problems today, putting the future of our well-being and mental health at risk.

And what happens if a person tries mental health support?  According to Statistics Canada (2021), studies show that “nearly 1 in 4 Canadians said they needed mental health support last year but could not access it.”

It is evident we are facing a mental health crisis and faced with barriers to support and resources. At Damaged in Darkness our solution is to build connections, generate awareness and provide both resources and support. To find connection, our socially innovative digital platform provides content that is personable, relatable and transformative to our audience. 

Receiving over over 100+ story submissions to-date our writing platform is intended to be personable, relatable and transformative to our audience, as we provide our audience with the agency to speak their truth. At Damaged in Darkness, we embrace difference.  But one thing we all have in common is that we all have a story. What’s your story?


As an organization, we understand that self-expression and voicing your story should not not be limited to content writing, and we plan to develop various clothing collections, donating 10 % percentage of profits to CAMH foundation.


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