Find The Light In The Dark

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Author: Marina Stathakis

Regardless of how dark, uncertain, and clouded your world can be, we must be reminded that pain is temporary and so is darkness.

As easy as that sounds, at times it can be difficult to face.


Aside from the unexpected pain that you’re faced with, you also feel out of control in a period of darkness.

You might feel uneasy and unsure of how long the pain will last, or how much darker it might get.

However, we must remind ourselves that there is beauty in darkness.

Sometimes, darkness comes into our lives so we can reflect on what we need to learn, heal or work through. Darkness, also allows us to revisit gratitude and to be thankful for the lighter times in our lives.

Overall, I truly believe that darkness storms into your life, with the intention to make you stronger.

As lost as you might feel in a period of darkness, remember that you will feel okay again, and you will see the light again.

If you are currently in a period of darkness, remember that you will get through this.

Don’t believe it?

I challenge you to reflect back on all of the periods of darkness that you have already worked through.

What makes you think you can’t win this one?

You are stronger than you think.

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