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Author: Juan Ruiz

It was my first live music performance since the pandemic started.

I wasn’t really nervous because I practiced a lot.  I wanted to perform at my best. But guess what?

When I started playing my instrument, my fingers didn’t move that well, making it more difficult to play. I felt nervous.

After the concert, I was very frustrated with myself because I didn’t play well. Moments after, I reassured myself by saying, “it was just one performance and no one got hurt.”

Then I quickly reminded myself of how grateful I was for the opportunity to be able to play live music again. Now I’ve learned that instead of being upset, I show gratitude for my frustrationsI have been applying this exercise of being grateful to any activity I do, and I’ve noticed a big difference in my life.

My best advice is to just keep practicing, enjoy the journey, and remember the reason why you started playing music in the first place.

Always remember to put your mental health first.


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