It’s You Vs. You

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Author: @marinastathakis

Let’s reflect.

Who was there for you at your worst? You were.
You was there for you at your best? You were.
Who will be there for you in the future? You will be.

What I’m learning is that you are the only person who is going to push you, love you, and believe in yourself at the end of the day.

The thing is, everything is temporary in your life, except the relationship that you have with yourself. So, it’s so important to give yourself the love that you deserve.

We can try to rely on others, but I think relying on yourself is the strongest thing that you can do.

Why? Well, we can be disappointed by others sometimes, and I’m realizing this is primarily because not everyone has the same heart as you. It is sad to think that, but sometimes it’s true.

So remember, at the end of the day, it’s you vs. yourself.

You are the person who has been through it all.
You have seen your best self and your worst self.

This is why it’s important to put yourself and to love yourself first.

The only competition you should have is the one with yourself. To challenge yourself to reach your full potential, because you can reach it.

Believe and trust in yourself, always.

It’s you vs. you.

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