Living With A Narcissistic Parent

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Author: @anonymous

I just want to come out and say, if anyone is dealing with a narcissistic parent, I hear you.

I know what’s it like, to be controlled, threatened, emotionally and mentally abused.

I know what’s it like, to feel that your accomplishments are never enough. Sometimes, you might think that you’re on the right path, and the next day, you are shunned, excluded and you start questioning yourself.

Maybe at times, you wonder, if you’re valued and if you’re loved.

I think the worst part of having a narcissistic parent, is that you are always walking on eggshells because you never know when they’re about to switch up on you.

You feel bad, because deep down you love your parent, but you know loving them comes with a price.

One day you might feel close, and the next you might feel completely abandoned.

The worst part is, you forget to recognize that you’ve been surrounded by abuse for so long, that you start to think that it’s normal.

If anyone out there, is dealing with a narcissistic parent, I’m sorry and I understand. Hopefully one day, we can escape this and finally be emotionally and mentally free, and find peace.

Sending you love.

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