Mess of a Mind

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Author: @rudylawwrites

Have you ever seen depression?

I’ve heard she comes when you least expect it when you need it the least; she’ll knock you down and kick you in the teeth.

She’ll fill your head with atrocities, feelings, and thoughts that annihilate you, like we bulldoze trees.

Have you heard of bipolar?

I’ve heard she’s happy, excited, sad, and then elated again.

She’ll make you binge and regret, shop until you’re in debt, and will make you question your head.

Have you heard of anxiety?

She’s a bundled-up mess, hair matted to her face.

A rats nest-heart thumping like it’s a race, palms wet with sweat, and just a smidge of unease to make it just right.

How about suicidal thoughts?

Have you ever felt alone?

Like all you’ve done isn’t enough for anyone?

No matter what you do, what you say, she won’t let you leave-none of them will.

You’re trapped within her grasp kicking and screaming to get out, drowning within your doubt.

Your hands will be bloody, knees bruised, hair knotted, from fighting to be free.

The real question is will you let her win or will you kick and scream and shout until you find a way?

Out of your mind.

Out of your body.

Out of your heart.

Out of your spirit.

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