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Author: Hamzah Mir

From time on, ancient religions and philosophies have acknowledged conditioned ideas imprinted on minds. They understood that mental imprints are inherited and formed from environmental circumstances, which can be building blocks leading to actions. From a young age, constant underly of impressions were left upon our minds; by media, social interactions, stories, history etc. These imprints can later create biases and urges that lead to volition actions.

Sadly, there are downfalls to impressions that may affect the ability to see the world. As an example, one may see themselves prejudice by comparing lives with others on social media. The individual’s post may be attractive and may portray notable traits/things one would wish to have. Therefore, it may conceive a belief regarding oneself, others or the world around them. Secondly, films/ movies can be captivating imagery. Movies (ex: Disney films) for youth regarding relationships portray happily ever after marriages. This idea of a fabulous spouse may cause depreciation; by expecting more from themselves and others. In addition, it would make one feel unworthy of love, always on the lookout to pick out flaws.

Though these examples may or may not be the case, captivating imagery leaves imprints on the mind and will develop biases sooner or later. However, not every bias can be damaging but not recognizing biases may lead to poor decisions and affect; work, relationships, our wellbeing etc. This is where self-reflection comes in; an ancient concept to witness and evaluate the cognition, emotion and behavioural processes. It can be a beneficial action that recognizes urges and biases within us, and it could potentially avoid negative impulsive behaviours. This process may make one feel in control of themselves as they would not feel governed by delusions or emotions.

In life, there is a constant bombardment of imagery. These images may depict ideas that we would want to receive. However, there are limits to what we can receive, but there is no limit to the perspectives we may perceive. The method of deconstructing/realizing the misconceptions within may take some time. As long as we love ourselves, are persistence and patient; we will be grounded within our capabilities and limitations.

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