My Thoughts Aren’t Me

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Dear You,
I used to think:
“There’s something wrong with me”
“I can’t believe I think that”
“I’m a monster”
All because of the thoughts coming in my head.
On the outside, I was this good happy person, but I believed I was hiding a dark side to my brain that I didn’t want to reveal to anyone. That I was hiding the truth of who I really was.
Then I learned something.
I learned that…
What my brain gives me, I take ownership of.
Just like the clothes I wear represent me and I own them and they are mine, they don’t make me, me! THEY DON’T DEFINE MY WORTH.
We all have thoughts, you can still believe there are good and bad ones, that is up to you. But you don’t have to bear the weight that you are a bad person because of them!
We are all pure 100% worthy individuals, worthy of love and all the potential in the world. Your brain will TRY to convince you otherwise.
In those moments, remember,
“These thoughts aren’t me.”
And without judgment, you can now ask,
“Huh, I wonder why I have these thoughts?”
Love, Caleb

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