Rewriting Through The Perspective of Acceptance

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Hey, do you feel like you are caught in a hell hole of darkness?
I hear you!
But isn’t it what everyone is saying!
Yas! These days!

We all are allowed a dark phase,
We all are allowed to sit in the hallowing scream of our own silence.
We all are allowed to feel we have lost it all.
We all are allowed to find a better way to live life, than to drown in the hole.
We all are allowed to heal.

We all are allowed to rewrite our own stories through perspective.
No! It doesn’t bring you happiness right there,
It brings you acceptance.

Of course its not easy to forget everything,
But yeah! Rewrite and you can try to cope up with life
I may not see your struggles, but I feel your pain.
Try and rewrite it all dear, your whole life shouldn’t go in vain.

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