Shattered Vases

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Shattered vases can be glued back together, but they’re never the same vase. Water leaks through their cracks; their surfaces unable to regain their sheen once compromised.

Like shattered vases, broken people can be glued back together…but we’re never exactly what we were before breaking. Trauma is transformative. Healing in totality is an unhealthy expectation.

We’re a slave to trauma when we allow it to rearrange our broken pieces, becoming a stranger’s reflection in the mirror. We lose ourselves to the pain. We melt into it like glue giving way to memories forcing their way through the bleeding cracks of our surface.

We do our best at arranging the shattered pieces so they resemble our “self” before trauma. The cracks and scars are one…they never disappear. Some fade over time, others prove problematic to our structural integrity. We learn where they are and what they look like. We learn to avoid leaning into these wounded fissures tearing the fabric of totality.

Accept your scars, these cracks in your reflective glaze, without a timeline for healing. Accept your wounds with loving compassion. Face them in the bleeding pain, staring your demons, your devils, your ghosts in their tortured eyes.

Learn to love your scars, face your mistakes…embrace your disasters and the chaos they create. They are fragments of a unique composition that allows you to become what you should’ve been all along: a gorgeous, broken thing being slowly mended — becoming something new.

Appreciate what you were while marveling at what you can become on the other side of healing. Your scars can tell your story without becoming your future. We aren’t frozen in in trauma —entropy won’t allow it. Time moves forward and so should we. Become more. Become the beautifully scarred version of yourself that you were destined to be. Have compassion for your pain and gorgeously shattered surface through which light is given and received.

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