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I’m at a point where if I don’t have problems, I don’t feel comfortable and I feel like I’m having “too much fun.”

Pfft, even when I’m having “fun”, my mind’s running to places I don’t want to go to.

They say to get outside and get fresh air, but even fresh air can’t do much when my mind is contaminated and in plain words, tired.

When we were little and were asked, “what’s your greatest fear?” we’d probably respond with something along the lines of heights, spiders, or the dark.

Now, we spend so long searching for a deep answer and have scars from experiences, that the fears become not being able to support ourselves, failing so much and ending up fallen, and more.

I’m here to tell you that on Instagram, we’re told the third times a charm. In reality, the 427th time’s a charm.

As an activist, writer and even before that, I had been facing problems I don’t even talk about. That doesn’t mean they’re not there, and the same applied to everyone in this world.

When I keep dreaming big and reaching for the stars, having dreams that are out of this world is tiring. It means people in this world often don’t understand them. It leaves me unsatisfied a lot and working with hopelessness. In a way, it is a beautiful thing. It also means that if I do achieve them, they won’t be dreams anymore and their signals will have reached earth.

Aren’t we all just sending signals to each other?

I do believe we have done a lot, and have a lot more positive change to go.

You’re in control of your choices but not in 100% control of the outcomes. Sometimes, your choices won’t even affect them.

No institution or person will give you all you need to be successful in life. It might give you a manual or some introductory classes, but it’s up to you on what you do with it. After breaking through fear, being nervous is entirely fine, they aren’t the same thing. Now, I see having big dreams as a blessing.

It means failing may be part of the journey, but it’s never an option for the outcome.

Through all this, while you’re doing what you love, you might as well keep a smile on your face. It keeps the world going.

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