Social Media Gives Me Anxiety

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Author: Marina Stathakis

We wake up, and right away we check our phones.

We can’t even lay awake and just feel alone,

Without the need and desire to affirm our existence of being,

Through the dependency of a small device that controls our feeding.

A feed for validation of which we inject through our minds about our desires,

Through comparisons of others,

These desires then write a story of what we think we should acquire.


You see, social media doesn’t just create hunger for approval.

It also creates this removal, of the identity of the truest form of self,

Due to the fear of the disproval of others that people build within themselves.

This persona we portray on social media is so far, from the truths and construction of who we really are.

Our fears, insecurities and past-burdens, become hidden,

Running from vulnerability,

Instead of shedding lightness on the internal darkness,

That we are truly experiencing.


The real question is,

Behind closed doors, alone in your room at night,

Is the time you can shed light on your current life.

Where you ask yourself,

Am I really living, and being authentic to who I really am?

Or am I pretending to live,

To be accepted by other people’s perceptions?


Don’t let the quick desire of validation,

Make you reliant on proving who you are.

Don’t let an app, become the measurement of your worth,

Because you are so much more than proving yourself to a fake-reality,

You are enough, you are loved, you are accepted,

For just the way that you are.

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