Take a Break to Get Ahead

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Author: Caleb Price

In your recipe for self-improvement, do not forget about rest.

You do not see many people advertising rest as the solution, but rest is just as essential in our progress toward anything that we want to last in our lives.

This week, Spring break has been a delight to step away from school and work. To be free without having any responsibility metaphorically hanging over me.

To be able to experience small joys like, walking barefoot on the beach, eating fresh ice cream, reading in a car, and screaming at a Journey concert.

What social construct do we have to obey that says no to 10-minute naps, to a quick walk around the neighbourhood, to just breathing and not hustling, to hiding the phone for an hour?

I like the rest from exercise, from my classes, from my job, even from friends and family. Because now I desire to exercise every day even more. And study better, work harder, and be even more present with my friends and family.

So what if we incorporated rest into our daily lives?

You might feel like you can not take a break or you will be behind, especially in a break from the routine that benefits your self-care. But I promise you there is at least one thing you can do for 5 minutes that will help you reconnect with yourself and therefore reignite your soul with power.

If rest is something hard for you to do, that means it’s probably something to prioritize. So you avoid being forced to rest due to exhaustion, burnout, and even illness, in the future. Therefore, it is worth getting behind to get ahead.

Plus, you might enjoy your life a little bit more, and notice the beauty that has always been there. Take care of yourselves out there.

Caleb the College Coach

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