The Ugly Sisters – Anxiety and Depression

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The ugly sisters (anxiety and depression) have been trying to rear their nasty heads for a fair few days now.

Yep, even in paradise.

I have learnt a lot of tools that help me deal with the ugly sisters, but my latest approach is also the one that my ego finds the hardest.

Instead of resisting the sisters, I let them in. I sit down with them, feel them, and be with them. I allow myself to be curious as to why they have returned – but I do not become obsessed with them.

I acknowledge their presence and try to be gentle with the sisters – safe in the knowledge that they are, of course, just passing guests and they will once again be on their way.

I allow them to come with me on walks and join in with activities if we feel up to it. If they don’t feel like doing much and want to keep my energy to themselves then that’s ok too, I don’t push them – we can just sit it out until they are ready to leave.

It’s an approach that doesn’t come easy to me, as I am more inclined to reach for the tools that help me resist the sisters before they can get a foot in the door. But I think it’s an important approach to learn.

Sometimes it can take the pressure off and the sisters can seem a little less frightening this way.

My mental health journey is still ongoing but luckily I get far less visits from the ugly sisters.

How do you deal with the sisters?

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