There’s No Such Thing As Better

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The title got you right?

“No such thing as better?! Are you nuts??”

Maybe. But it’s still the truth.

You can’t be better than you already are. You can’t be better than who you were. Nor will you ever be a future version of yourself better than the previous.

Before you call this a bunch of hodgepodge millennial nonsense, let’s talk about ice cream.

We’ve all been there. At a counter, waiting in line, wondering,

“What ice cream am I going to get?”

There’s cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, maybe you’re weird like my brother and want strawberry.

There are plenty of choices. Let’s say you decide on mint. A safe, good choice. And a friend who you’re with, says “Gross! Cookies n’ Cream is way better”, and all you think now is, “Dang, I should have chosen better.”

But who decides which ice cream is better? If everyone has a different opinion when it comes to ice cream, how can we say which is better?

Here’s the logic. Better is always in the eye of the beholder. In terms of ice cream, there is no universal “best”, no truth in a court of law defined flavor that is better. Everyone decides for themselves what is better.

But we aren’t talking about ice cream. We are talking about you! Your clothes, your body, your shape and size, your job, your family, your significant other, even just your hair. There is no way you “should” be doing it, no better choice, no right way. Because you get to decide for yourselves what is best, what is right, what is true.

Our world is entirely filtered through our thoughts. Meaning we decide subconsciously every day what is true and not. And what we have constantly rehearsed is that we are doing things wrong, that other people have it better than us, that we should be eating healthier, exercising, that we should change so that we can be “better” people. When all of that is just a thought. When all of it can be resolved by saying to ourselves:

“No matter what, I am my best self always.”

No matter what. Because that’s the truth.

So rather than comparing to the rest of the world, recognize the worth you have inside. You are a human being and therefore have 100% worth right now. And don’t need to earn it, prove it, or achieve it. It’s there.

Everything you do or want is extra. You get to change if you want to. You don’t have to. Because even if you wanted to, you can’t be better. No matter what, you are your best always. So you might as well love yourself. And even create something amazing for your life.

Try it. I dare you.


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