To The People Who Suffer In Silence

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Silence can be peaceful.

Silence can be transformative.

Silence can also be a silent kill. Metaphorically of course.

When silence and suffering occur at the same time, it can be a dangerous place.

The question raised here is why do people choose to suffer in silence?

    • Is it because they fear being vulnerable and expressing that they’re going through something?
    • Is it because they have only known to be self-reliant and handle things on their own?
    • Is it because they don’t want to be perceived as weak, or as a burden?

To all of the people that suffer in silence, I hear you and I understand you.

I know the brave face you put onto the world but the pain you feel by yourself behind closed doors. I know you might find it difficult to communicate your emotions, or you don’t even know how to at times. I know you feel some strange barrier that restricts you from breaking down that wall of being open with somebody about how you are truly feeling.

The worst part about people who suffer in silence is that they are great at pretending that they’re strong; even when their entire mind is filled with chaos and have this un-identified gut-wrenching numbness and pain inside of them. These are the people who are usually strong for everyone else, and forget about their own needs and their emotions; until they reach a breaking point.

So to all the people who are currently suffering in silence, I know it’s difficult when the world around you thinks you have it all together, but remember, you are just as vulnerable as the people around you; because you are human.

If you are currently suffering in silence, it’s okay to handle things differently, but my best advice is to not let it become to the point of self-destruction and extreme hopelessness.

Vulnerability can be perceived as a weakness, but if you alter your perspective, it might actually bring you closer to authentic connections and to you feeling more understood.

You might never realize that the person next to you feels the same way, if you just take that first step and communicate that you’re not doing well.

It’s okay to be weak sometimes.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to ask for help.

So to all the people suffering in silence, you aren’t alone and it’s okay to handle things differently, but you don’t always have to be strong and put on this brave face because you are allowed to be vulnerable and to let someone know you’re struggling.

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