Volunteering With Damaged in Darkness

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Author: Hamzah Mir

Hamzah shares his experiences volunteering with Damaged in Darkness.

First, I would like to thank Damaged in Darkness for acknowledging the work I have contributed throughout my time in this charitable organization
. I would also like to thank Marina for her dedication and contribution that brining forth this not-for-profit organization
As a member of Damaged in Darkness, I feel highly honoured. I cherished the time creating content by expressing my ideas, emotions and experiences in forms of writing and art. Not only was it welcoming to share my knowledge, but I have also admired the greater cause to which it contributes. As well as it allowed me to broaden my perspective and feel the collective relationship with the whole. And I’m not going to lie, but the process of creating and sharing did not feel bland. I felt that every piece of my contributing knowledge mattered.


The acknowledgement from members by receiving admirable expressions and friendly recommendations has secured a trusted bond. What made me feel even more at ease was the flexibility of schedules. This allowed me to work at my own pace and gave me time to introspect for valuable personal knowledge and experiences. But of course… None of these essential experiences could have been experienced without Damaged in Darkness!

I’ve benefitted myself from being a part of this group. The loving energy received and the contribution to the betterment of my character while simultaneously sharing to a greater cause is a lifetime experience

Thank you for this memorable opportunity.


Graphic design: Hamzah Mir.

Instagram: @wisefoolioo


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