Why It’s Okay To Slow Down

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Have you ever stopped to think, just to stop and think?

I know that sounds weird. But, have you ever taken the time to slow down even if its scheduled. Go on a walk today and meditate somewhere with nice grass and just think about life and everything.

You can stop. In your car. Just before bed. Whatever is convenient. Give yourself some time to think and not keep going through the motions. Really process your life and where you are in this very moment.

  • Are you happy?
  • Are you reaching some goals you set for your new year’s resolution?
  • Did you set goals?
  • Are you where you thought you would be 5 years ago or somewhere even better than you thought you would be?

If your thinking gets you frustrated and you panic thinking I have to change now, don’t do that. Save yourself some trouble and think realistically, because change doesn’t happen over night; but being aware what change(s) needs to be made, and figuring out the necessary steps it takes to get there, and doing precisely that, is the exact way to go.

If you’re just utterly thankful of where life has landed you then take a moment and thank God for the strength to get where you are and pat yourself on the back and allow yourself to have some credit!

Its time you do that.

If you are feeling less than proud then, I want you to imagine something for me.

As painful as it was, that thing you went through that you thought was going to break you but didn’t. Remember it. Think about it and just embrace that for a moment. You’re still here aren’t you?

You kept on. So cut yourself some slack and give yourself a pat on the back too!

You still did it.

You’re not where you were when shit hit the fan and it felt like someone hit the back of your knees with a baseball bat and you didn’t know how you’d carry on.

But you did.

You know God wasn’t going to leave you in that shadow of death. He was walking with you the entire time, holding your hand and helping you walk through. Sometimes the moments when we feel furthest away from God, he’s closest to us. “The lord is near the broken hearted.” (Psalm 34:18). He’s just waiting for us to call out to him to help lessen that heavy load. Some of you may not even believe “in that stuff” and skim over, or even feel a little uncomfortable about it.

The thing is, if you’ve ever been so low, I mean you can’t even turn to your momma or closest friend because you already burned some bridges and stabbed some backs or whatever it is. Maybe its just depression telling you nobody wants to hear your problems. The Lord is near. Have you ever cried out to Him in those moments? If not, what’s it going to hurt if you tried whole heartedly?

I’m being serious.

If you can try “anything” once, why not try God, and let his son Jesus in, just to see the hype for yourself? Don’t shake it till you try it. The Bible says, “come as you are so this is me.”

Some of you are squirming reading this and if that’s you I apologize. The thing is, I’m not writing this to appease or fit perfectly and properly in your little box. None of us belong there. Sometimes we think we are supposed to be a certain way, and then failing to be true to ourselves.

I say screw it to that nonsense.

Be who you are, and if anything, be better than who you were.

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