You Are Good Enough

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Despite the world around you, the influence social media may have on you that subconsciously picks apart your self esteem, you are good enough.
Despite you late at night, questioning if your physical appearance meets this illusive socially constructed ‘standard,’ you are good enough.
Despite the way the world only see’s you on the surface, until you meet people who actually take the time to break through your deeper layers, you are good enough.
Despite the way you might feel that the world questions your intelligence, your work ethic or where you are in your journey, you are good enough.
Despite whether you knowing your purpose in life, or whether you are lacking direction, you are good enough.
I’ll leave you with this question.
If we never fully accept ourselves right now for who we are, what we look like, and where we are in our journey, then when will we?
Remember, you deserve to feel appreciated, and to stand proud in who you are as a person. I’m writing to remind you that in this current moment that, you are good enough.


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