You Are The Only You

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Author: Peace Haje


One of my favourite facts of life is that you are the only you that exists.

It is such a simple yet complex statement that truly changed my life.

Knowing this to be a fact, and now a daily mantra, it has allowed me to excel in life the way I always dreamed of.

With the simple fact that I am the only me in this world, I’ve come to the realization that there’s no such thing as competition.

We all have our own lanes, and we get to choose the pace we move in them!

Embracing my individualism has led me to create a confidence within myself that has truly blessed me and my future. I’ve found a spiritual peace within myself.

What more can someone ask for?

I write all that to say, just being you is such a special gift.

Carry it proudly.

No one can do you better than you!

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